JazzWatch #1|Louis Hayes

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Welcome to the 1st JazzWatch podcast. On the show we examine several of the top releases
of 2012 from artists such as vocalist and bassist Esperanza Spaulding, organist Dr. Lonnie Smith, drummers Johnathan Blake and Jamire Williams (Erimaj), and we listen to clips from The Less McCann Trio’s OOP (out of print) LP masterpiece “Les MccCan LTD. in San Francisco from 1960. We also share a clip from an interview conducted with master drummer Louis Hayes.As we strive to be ‘On the Watch for the Active Ear’ at JazzWatch, let us know what some of your favorite releases of 2012 were. Who will be the ones to watch in 2013? Send us your feedback and show ideas—and watch what happens! Theme music by No Stress. http://nostress.bandcamp.com/album/

Below you’ll find links for all the music featured on this week’s podcast:

Esperanza Spalding’s ‘Radio Music Society’

Johnathan Blake ‘The Eleventh Hour’

Gregory Porter ‘Be Good’

Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola ‘Not Getting Behind is the New Getting Ahead’

Erimaj ‘Conflit of a Man’

Dr. Lonnie smith ‘The Healer’

John Ellis ‘It’s You I Like’

Lionel Loueke ‘Heritage’

Not my interview with Mr. Louis Hayes, but one I think you’ll enjoy. Enjoy.

Louis Hayes Interview


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